Antieke wereldkaart

Antieke Wereldkaart
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Wereldkaart: Kopergravure uit 1730
Cartograaf: Plantin

First edition of the famous in copper engraved world map in two hemispheres with eight Gods- blowing wind (all mentioned by their names) and rich decorated with ships and seemonsters by Benedict Arias Montanus (1527-1598) from: Sacrae Geographiae Tabularum ex antiquissimorum anno 1571, which appeared in the Polyglot Bible published by Plantin in Antwerp anno 1572. This map shows the dispersion of tribes Israels with comments in Greek, Latin and Syrian. North Australia is already visible. Extreme rare world map because most copies have been lost after a shipwreck during a voyage to Spain at the time.

Regio: Wereldkaart
Exacte afmeting: 53 x 31,5 cm
met ruime marges
Conditie: ★★★★★
Referentie nummer: WA-007